To: The Summer 1998 CS 299 -Programming in Java- Class
From: Scanlan, Clifton
Date: July 6, 1998
RE: Program 5
Due Date: July 9, 1998
Grace Date: July 9, 1998 - Demo'ed before the end of class period.
Points: 25

Write a Java applet to calculate your 4 exam scores. You must do this using the GridLayout layout manager (see section 10.14). The grid MUST be 6 by 2, that is 6 rows by 2 columns. The last row of the grid MUST have 2 buttons, one to calculate the total of the exams (which is to be placed in the [4,1] spot in the grid) and one to clear all entries to 0. Other than this last row, the first column should have Labels and the second column should have TextFields. The first four TextFields must be editable and the TextField for the sum must NOT be editable. See the pictured Applet Viewer Below.{Not Pictured Here} Your solution MUST use at least 2 classes, one for the grid and one for the buttonhandler.

If you have any questions or ambiguities, ask ME!